The World of Ability Podcast & Network

The World of Ability is a partner network that has shows co-produced and engineered by the Transform U! Media Network.

The World of Ability Podcast is advocating for people with disabilities all around the globe. This is in collaboration with AbilityMKE Now!

We take a look at elevating the rights of people with disabilities in every nation. It draws in stories of disability ministry, participation in nonprofits by people with disabilities, success stories all along with lifelong learning by, for, and with people with disabilities, civic engagement by people with disabilities, and people with disabilities in the workforce including ownership of businesses.

This is a deep look at 25% of the world's population: That means we are speaking to 2 Billion people that are stakeholders directly in topics concerning people with disabilities.

- accessibility

- transportation

- long term care

- education

- employment

- voting

- housing

We start the examination of how we are doing through 7 initial demographics:

People with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD)

People with deafness (deaf and heard of hearing)

People with blindness (blind and visually impaired)

People with physical disabilities

People living with chronic pain

People with goals to reduce substance use

People with a mental health diagnosis

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